45-Hour Streaming Complete Training Library Black Friday Special

Instructor: Ben Benjamin

45-Hour Streaming Complete Training Library Black Friday Special

The 45-Hour Streaming Set INCLUDES

• 165 NCBTBM-Approved CE Hours
• Over 45 Hours of Instructional Video
• 9 PDF Manuals

Orthopedic Massage Assessment & Treatment:
The Shoulder • The Low Back • The Neck • The Knee • Common Injuries

Dr. Ben Benjamin makes this highly technical and complex material clear and accessible. With precision, humor, and insight he uses a step-by-step approach to teach practitioners the anatomy, assessment, treatment techniques, and injury rehabilitation for working with soft tissue injuries across the entire body.

You'll learn how to differentiate muscle and ligament injuries, and you'll fine-tune your palpation skills and hands-on treatment techniques. After you've learned the theoretical background, assessment procedures, and treatment techniques, you'll integrate this knowledge through enactments of a real cases.

Active Assisted Stretching

Dr. Benjamin has developed an easy-to-learn, streamlined Active Assisted Stretching protocol for the entire body which can be quickly mastered. You will learn the physiological principles of successful and unsuccessful stretching. This material will enable the practitioner to have a more robust and specific protocol for helping clients to increase their functional flexibility.

Advanced Deep Tissue & Myofascial Technique Volumes 1-3
for the Neck, Back, Shoulder, Knee, Thigh, and Lower Leg

Dr. Benjamin brings you this accelerated course in muscular therapy, where you'll learn detailed palpation anatomy as well as myofascial and massage techniques designed to support the treatment of the most common soft-tissue injuries in the shoulder, neck, mid- and low back, thigh, knee, and lower leg.

Also available separately on DVD.

Includes for FREE access to the Essential Principles - Assessment and Treatment Strategies for Soft Tissue Pain and Injury program and NCBTMB-approved exam - worth an additional 4 CE hours!

Cost: $2,265

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